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External keyboards and newer Moogs-work flows?


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Hi guys,


Now this is me being very new with keyboards etc and trying to learn, so please bear with me...(i've searched the forums, to no real avail, and just a couple of questions)


Ok, With Logic, i can "insert" a virtual synth (i.e. an ES 2), and use a preset or save the settings... and when next i open the project, great it's all is it was. and i can change parts etc, all marvelous


Now, what happens with external keyboards?

Do you have to record the output from the keyboard while it's played as ACTUAL AUDIO? which you therefore can't tweak later like you could with an inserted instrument in logic? (since it's real audio)


I know that new keyboards, juno's casios and moogs etc can send Midi, but when you're playing the track back for mixing/bouncing, will i have to have the keyboard always connected - As i presume that the "sounds/samples" are still physically on that keyboard and not placed somewhere in Logic?


Just got me confused and if someone can explain the basic options and usual work flows in simpleton terms, it would be much appreciated :)


Thanks again for your time.


Ket :)

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Pull up a new software instrument track... in the inspector, choose "external instrument" adjust MIDI destination and audio input and you should be good to go.......when u got the sound you want bounce it to audio using the bounce button on the upper right
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