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New User to mac And logic pro 8.0.2


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Welcome. Usually you will be sent to the manual with a question like this. But we were all newbies once.


This is a simple way to achieve what you're describing. There are better ways to handle more WAVS, but this will establish the concept.


1. Open an empty EXS instrument.

2. Click Edit. (This should create a New Instrument.)

3. Open a Finder window and navigate to the WAV you want to load.

4. Click-hold the WAV file in Finder and drag it to a key along the bottom of the EXS edit window.

5. Release. A box will represent the WAV above the keyboard.

6. Let the mouse rest on either side of the tiny box, click and drag to extend the box (this is stretching the sample over multiple keys).

7. Go to the upper portion of the EXS Edit window and find the "Playback" column. (You may have to scroll to the right.)

8. Uncheck "Pitch." This will disable the pitch tracking, and the sample will play at the same pitch and speed no matter which key you hit.

9. Save the instrument.

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