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Clocking Duet and TonePort?

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I'm installing a Line 6 TonePort (KB37) alongside my Apogee Duet to work together in Logic as an aggregate device. As I was setting things up, I came across these directions in the Line 6 materials:


"When creating an Aggregate Device, only one audio device can be designated as the “Clock”. This means that this device acts as the “master” and all other devices follow its digital clock, thus keeping all your audio in sync. Even though the Aggregate Device dialog allows you to set any individual Audio Device as the Clock, be sure that your Line 6 hardware is set as the clock as shown in the previous figure to ensure proper sync."


My guess is that there is no harm in allowing the TonePort's clock to run things, but I'd thought I'd ask here just to be sure. The Duet is the better interface, and I'd hate to lose any of its quality by making it answer to the TonePort's clock.


Setting things up this way is okay, right?

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