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So close.... Hard drives not showing

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I've got my new Mac Pro running here, but my new drives aren't showing up in the Finder or as icons on the desktop. I do see them listed in the hardware overview in "about this mac".


I got the drives from OWC (fast delivery, BTW!) and they are Seagates.


What do I do to get them to show up?!?

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*Smacks head*


Ok, I've got the stock drive (298.1GB total available), a 750GB (698.6) drive for projects and a 1TB (931.5) for backup. I'll have to trim the project drive via partitioning so that it and the main drive will both fit on the backup. What I'm wondering is, how much?


I can see that the 750 GB has only 698.6 GB available. If I trim it down to 630GB will there be some invisible extra that I should allow for on the backup or can I just go with that number? To add some confusion to the matter, when I'm in the partition tab of Disc Utility and I click on the main drive, it gives me a slightly smaller number - 297.77 GB available - than I see beside that drive's icon - 298.1GB - on the side of Disc Utility's window. Which do I believe?


Here's my math:


630 GB (Pr drv)+ 298.1GB (M drv)= 928.1 or about 3.4 GB under the limit on the Backup.


Will this work?


Oh.. and should I enable journaling on the extra HDs?

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