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Using a motif ES Sound module with Logic


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Hello all. I'm new to Logic so I"m a little lost. I'm using Logic 8.0.0 on an Imac with an OS of 10.4.11. I've got a midi controller, an MBox2, and a Motif Sound module. I've got the controller hooked to the Mbox which plays all my sounds in Logic just fine. The problem is, I want to use my Motif Rack but cant seem to hear any sound let alone record them. I'm stumped on how to get this working. How do I connect my Motif so it'll play and record sounds?


Thanks in advance for your help!

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You need to connect a Midi cable from Midi out of your Midi interface or controller, make a Multi Instrument and address that instrument to the same midi output that you have connected your motif. create a audio channel in logic receiving the audio from the inputs that you have connected the audio from your motif.


Another option is the external instrument plugin in Logic, but I think you need to understand the connection like I said before, to understand the External instrument after that, and so you make your option.


By the way, you could open the environment ( CMD 8 ) in your superior left corner, choose MIDI Instruments or MIDI and in the menu New, choose Multi instrument. These one You will name Motif and will enable each of 16 MIDI channels clicking on the little channel box in the instruments.\


Now, when you create a new track in the arrange, choose External MIDI and mark the option open library, now you'll see your Motif on the list.


To choose the midi output for that Instrument, look at the Track parameters on the Inspector.


Hope I could help.

Good luck.

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When I try to set the audio track up, I get an error message "Record drive/partition "MPC 2" not found!" Then it asks me to designate a place to save audio. Still no sound from the Motif. No clue where the environment section is you where referring to. Sorry, but I'm brand new to this. I understand signal flow, and that's whats making this even the more frustrating! I'm completely stumped!
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