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orchestral and acoustic sounds

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now that i am learning so much more out of logic the last couple of months

it stopped me from hitting the gas pedal on buying gear all the time

there is so much in logic pro which i tought was never possible ( you gotta have anologue gear... at some point you do but logic fixed it for 80% )

only thing i want is 2 pci-e ssl cards just because its easy having 64 channels of ssl power :mrgreen:


there are still a view things i really need....

one of those things is a huge library of orchestral and acoustical sounds

i own a k2600r (which is awesome for this)

hoping to expand the exs24 with all the nessesery samples to get more fast results

and who knows maybe sell my kurz for some nice controllers or a 30 inch apple cinema :roll:


i now there are some great plugin out there like east west (i have MOR)

but most of the good sounding plugins use Ilok which i dont like (no dongle crap for me)


let see if you guys can help me with this


many thnx




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The Ruby orchestra will get you off to a real good start. Get the EXS version and load them right into your EXS24....forget about other plug ins for now.




thnx i'll take a look at these samples


it says Quadcore and 8GB .... thats uhh.... real heavy stuff


own a macpro 2x 2,66GHZ with 3GB of ram that should cover the quadcore

4GB cost 175,- euro which is not so bad

that would make a total of 7GB (2x 512MB 2x 1GB 2x 2GB) that should be enough right? :roll:

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it says Quadcore and 8GB .... thats uhh.... real heavy stuff


No problem with my dual 2.0 G5 and 2.5 gigs although that's for a classical pit orchestra like Sullivan or Mozart - under 30 exs instrument tracks. For the Italian verismo stuff like Puccini or Leoncavallo, I am cutting it very close with 2.5 g ram but have 40+ tracks of EXS and plenty of cpu headroom.


Maybe Kontakt in Logic needs a 4 core with 8g. If you run to the max you can freeze a few tracks....but really, I've never had to do that.


Get the sounds, load them in EXS and see if your rig can handle it. Add more ram if necessary.


Good luck

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