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Advice on making the transition from reason to logic

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Hey everyone, after getting much more comfortable with Reason, logic just sounds way better. Reason is more CPU friendly, but I did a song in Reason, noodled around in logic, went back and forth and logic just sounds better.


The people at Reason say the audio quality is the same, it's just a question of skill. But "out of the box" at least, logic sounds better.


So I was looking for some insight perhaps from people who started with Reason and moved to Logic, why you did it, what works for you, do you prefer logic over reason.


Bonus qustion...When it comes to things like EQ, effects, mastering, I don't know much of anything. When I got logic I was just starting to learn about Reason's mastering suite.


Are there any tutorials/books you know of that would teach me about the fundamentals of these things, step by step, using logic?


Much appreciated.

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i'm building a track in logic, I think I'll keep learning it so I can tell the differences between it and Reason. By then will probably have a good grasp of how they can work together.


It's nice to expand my creative palette.

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IF you want step by step, then get the Logic Pro Training book in the link above. It's briliantly helpful.


I started out the DAW journey with Reason and still like it (I'm a huge fan of Reason Drums, The Electro_mechanical ReFill and Malestrom). These days I just use it as a rack run from Logic via ReWire. Everything you do in the box with Reason has a certain "sound" that is getting a little dated. However, you can still get some great sounds if you run Reason Synths through Logic (and other plugs) or out of the box through hardware effects.


So, learn Logic, hold ontp Reason and get them to play together.

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Thanks, fernmeister I'll check out that book. I found the site "macprovideo.com" and they have some great downloadable tutorials. So far I've gotten the logic 101 program.


Watching the program I kept saying to myself "can't do that in Reason. Can't do that in Reason. Can't do that either."


Right now I don't see the point of having two separate sequencers or drum machines, they both do the same thing sort of so why use both?


The consensus seems to be...either use the synth sounds in Reason (Which seem to have poorer quality than logic) or to use it as a sketch pad (even logic users say reason is easier to start coming up with ideas), then rewire. I think I would feel better mastering one program than kind of understanding two.


Reason doesn't give me CPU errors though, lol.


I'm thinking some of the skills from Reason will help with the infamous logic learning curve.


See I can't make up my mind today.

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