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Some of the strangest glitches ever


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i am working on a cue for a film. I had a sketch that I thought might be a nice fit. So I saved a copy of that sketch in a new folder with the name of the cue. Then I imported the movie. Then I went to bring in the audio from the movie and this is where the frustrating behavior began. The audio from this quicktime movie, a split stereo pair, was already extracted so i chose "add audio file" in the menu of the audio bin. the first thing Logic did was begin to convert the file to an interleaved file. now I don't remember setting this as my preferred behavior. In Logic 7 one could choose whether to convert files upon importing. does anyone know how to adjust this?


But that is the least of my displeasures. Once i got the dialogue onto track one I recorded a guitar part. Wanting to record a second part with the same sound, I clicked on the guitar track and clicked command D to create a new track with a duplicate setting. I recorded the guitar. It sound pretty good. I clicked solo to listen closely to something and when I unclicked it, the second guitar track no longer played the audio file of the guitar take but now played the dialogue track processed through the amp simulator and effects. When I moved the audio file to a new track the file played fine. I moved it back to the track it had been on and, again, the dialogue track now played through that channel strip.


Also, does anyone else have the problem that when selecting a tool, let's say the magnifying glass, instead a nearby tool is selected?

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