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Mutli timbral automation set-up Logic 8/EWQL PLAY lib's


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Dear Logic users,


I've been searching around on this forum but frankly I'm lost. I don't know what to look for :( So I hope I didn't just post a topic that already has been talked about for millions of times.


Here's my question and problem.

I use a few PLAY libraries from East West with logic 8 besides kontakt for the SO platinum...but PLAY 's the issue right now cause in a while my PLAY upgrade will be deliverd..woohoo


If I use a single instance of PLAY on a multi-timbral track I have, like so many others, problems with automation for each single instrument in the instance.


I've been wandering around on the internet searching for sollotion for my problems but I really don't understand anything from all that could be done in the enviroment. I tried several tutorials with all the same conclusions....I can't get it to work.


What to do....please help a desperate man with his issues ;)


So in short.


- PLAY library on Logic 8.

- Multi timbral track with (lets say) 8 instruments

- How to get it so that I can automate them seperatly.


Thanks for your time.



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you need to create a multi-out instance of the instrument,

asign each instrument to its own output

hit the little "+" on the multiout inst (thus, creating aux tracks)

automate the aux tracks


thats the only thing thats a bit well.. not so convenient ;)

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Ok thanks...but I'm already lost again :(


SO here's what I do.

- I first create a multitimbral track

- I choose PLAY Mutli OUT

- I load 5 instruments and in the player select out-put 1-2 then for the next 3-4 and so on?

-The problem is that I only have 1-2 out puts :(

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you dont select physical outputs, you select out

and a dropdown menu will be Inst1: and here you select outputs


or you could do it like fred B said, multiple instances instead of multitimbrality

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Thanks Ploki and Fred,


It works now. It eventualy got through my thick skull that this had to be done in the enviroment window :oops: .



Oh and Fred, yes I know this is better now with PLAY but still. I hope I get less overloads now anyways...and I just wanted to know how this worked.

I read so many difficult options that I couldn't stand not understanding but the option Polki gave was (shamefully) easy.


Thanks guys.



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