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Major Logic 8.0.2 Comping Bug and Resolution - No Audio


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Just thought I should let everyone know about the massive heart attack I had while working with a track yesterday and a bunch of vocal comps.


I had been working on the track for about 4 hours, choosing different Vocal comps and doing some rough mixing when all of a sudden - NO AUDIO from ANY tracks.


Nothing from Midi instruments, nothing from audio tracks *guitar, vocals, harmonies" . Silence. Not even the meters were going.


I checked all the "Duh" Bussing issues, Master Outs, and pretty much anything that could have caused such a weird issue, including reconsolidating and cleaning up the project.


Soloing the audio did not work at all. The only sound that would a;pear would be NEW recorded regions either Midi or Audio. Basically Id record another part on the SAME track as the now silent material, and that would be the only thing that played back audibly. All of the regions were playable from the BIN. This was not a hardware or driver error. Other projects still played fine, as well as Quicktime audio etc. I did my due diligence eon this one. This was a big fat nasty bug.


After about an hour of tinkering and getting furious that I lost 4 hours of work, I Flattened and Merged a random Harmony at the suggestion of a good friend of mine the super awesome SFlogicninja (David Earle) and voila - all my audio came back.


This even had him saying "what the f**k"


Im used to the other comping bugs, which I can work around when they pop up, but this was just horrific. I thought they fixed this kind of stuff in 8.0.2


I just thought this post should be searchable if anyone else runs into this kind of disaster.

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