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Logic 7.2: Trouble Arming Audio Track Error: Invalid Input S


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I switched HD a long time ago, and had been saving new audio files into the same directory in the new HD.


But then Logic gave me a query asking where I wanted to save the aif file.


So after clicking the Audio Track named "NTK" (a microphone input) I designated a file in the new HD and assigned a new name for the file instead of the default, "Output 1-2".


But it gave me the aforementioned pop-up screen.


I checked the physical input check

I checked the audio track in the environment window (the Audio Object says Input 24 (which is the physical input on the MOTU as well) and it is Track 14, check


So why won't it save it to the new HD path location?


How do I re-assign the path, because the NTK audio will not turn arm to "R" Red


I have to record these vocal demos, dammit?!

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