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Logic 5.1 Mixing with a Focusrite Sapphire...issues !

Ed Ryan

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Wonder if anyone here can help.


I've got a 5.1 project, with nothing being sent to the centre speaker. However, when I solo the centre output I'm still getting output.


For example, the vocals are panned across the front of the 5.1 field, but nothing is being sent to centre from the surround pan controller box. So the vocal should come out of the front left and front right outputs. But I still hear it coming from the centre.


I've checked the logic 5.1 output configuration, and each channel matches the output of the Saphire. I can only think that soemthing is going amiss when the signal hits the interface... any ideas ?

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Bump & Update..


It seems that the divergence control is the problem. When there is no divergence, nothing bleeds into the centre output. But as soon as you put a tiny amount of divergence on, you get output from the centre


I've tested the 5.1 configuration and sapphire by using logic to send a mono signal to each output pair. It is correct (ie pan left to get odd outputs, pan right to get even outputs). Therefore, the bleeding between channels must be a result of Logic.


Any ideas. First time I've used LP* for surround. At first I was impressed, now I'm confused !

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