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EXS24 problems, sample loading freezes


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I just updated to the latest Logic 8 and OS 10.5.4 on my Mac Pro 4-core 2.66ghz


Logic 8 is still sluggish despite the update, but that's a different story.


So EXS24 appears to be working fine, but when I try to load certain presets (that before I could load without any problems) it freezes on the "loading" window, and the progress bar doesn't advance at all.


What is going on? Anyone have a similar experience? EXS24 loads certain sounds quite well....but others (even in the same folders on the sample drive) it doesn't load at all and the only way for me to continue working is to Force Quit Logic and relaunch.


I'm kinda puzzled, this never happened before!

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Ok, I narrowed it down to Spotlight Indexing that EXS24 references to and which got somehow screwy on my system.


Ok....here's how I fixed it....


I went to the Spotlight Control Panel


I went into the Privacy Pane and I added all of my drives to the "Do Not Index" list


This effectively disables Spotlight Indexing (which I don't really care about since I know damn well where everything is already).



IMHO....Spotlight is one of the most useless new things that OS X added.

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