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EXS24 Drum problem


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Hey all,


So here's my issue.


I've got 6 song that I've recorded MIDI drums on, the timing of the drums are a bit off in some places and a lot of in others.


Firstly, what would be the best way to get these tracks in time with the rest of the audio?


Secondly, is there a better way of recording Midi drums?


Any help would be great.



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How are you recording MIDI drums now?


Caps lock keyboard?

Drawing in Piano roll?

MIDI controller?

Hyper Editor?


I use to do my drums strictly thru the Ultrabeat step sequencer, and I got into editing those sequences with the piano roll, but...




The Hyper Editor is the way to go.


I just realized how amazing this thing is.


Would be awesome if the UB step sequencer could operate like the Hyper Editor.

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The Hyper Editor is a step sequencer/midi editor.

For me, It's easy to use. It allows me to cycle the region, while penciling notes in and out. Let's me take my time on working on a beat.


After I have something down, I can move particular notes forward or back using a delay option. You can change the width of the notes hit. The grid can be changed per note/track.


Makes it easy for snare rolls.


Then you don't even have to use it for drums, you can use it for a whole bunch of other stuff, I just haven't really gotten that deep yet.

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Cool. So I just need to work out how to get the existing drum track into the Hyper Editor?


Maybe it would be best to redo the drums again? Not sure what to do as I'm on a bit of a tight time line!.


What do you think?

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