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VocALign Beta

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We are currently looking for beta testers for a new version of VocALign.


VocALign Project AU is an Audio Unit version of VocALign which is compatible with Logic 8.


If you are interested in trying this out please contact support@synchroarts.com


We really need your feedback to make sure this product will be useful as getting VocALign to work as a AU plug-in has been tricky!


If you have no idea what VocALign is check out http://www.synchroarts.com



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Yo, just saw this thread.. Any updates from anyone who tried this out?

ough, i had two or three versions, its already final.

GUI is hideous :) but it works nice... in a way.

apple oughta find a way to utilize AU's to work destructive too :)

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So its all non-destructive editing? Weird, I'm gonna look that up

the same as melodyne.

you route the source via bus, and hit "play", it records the source, you hit play again, it records the actual audio ON the track, and you hit align.

very similar to melodyne.

then the plugin is actually the one doing the "playing" of audio.except if you bounce it.


not the best method, eh? ;)

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