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Problem with automation recording in groups


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I record automation in latch mode with a MIDI controller in Logic Control mode.


I want to record automation for two groups moving only one fader per group.


Nodes are created on each group's track but the values are correct only for the track corresponding to the fader I have actually moved. In one group all the values are at -∞ while in the other group the values are much too high (while following the global curve).


What's wrong?

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OK I see what was wrong.


It seems the tracks had been grouped while the faders in the mixer were not at the same level. To solve this I have removed the tracks from each group, set the same position for each fader then I have grouped the tracks again.


There is some strangeness here however because in the arrange window all the tracks in each group displayed the same values but the values didn't correspond to those displayed on the faders...


A known bug?

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