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SCORE: Score Set-related Bugs? (confirm/deny)


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Can anyone confirm these behaviors I'm seeing using the score editor?


1) KEY COMMAND: Selection to New Score Set

• simply doesn't work (my computer beeps at me when I invoke the command), regardless of what keys I've assigned to the command


2) SCORE SET WINDOW: New > New Set of selected Instruments

• regardless of the number of regions I've selected in the arrange window, using this command from within the Score Set window creates a new score set with every instrument that appears in my arrange window, not just the selected ones.



• expected behavior: if no score editor window is open and I select multiple regions in the arrange window, hitting the 'Open Score Editor..." key command creates a separate score window showing only those regions. A new score set is created on-the-fly for those regions. That's all good! But...


Let's say I want to create yet another separate score editor window to temporarily show the contents of some other regions (just for quick reference). The procedure should be the same -- select some regions in Arrange, hit the "Open Score Editor..." key command. But when I do this, NOTHING happens other than for Logic to shift focus from the Arrange window to the existing score editor window! A second window is not created. It requires a second hit on the k/c for "Open Score Editor..." to generate the new window with the new display.


Any confirmations (or not) of this behavior would be most appreciated.

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just quickly


1) only works when All Instruments is showing.


2) haven't tried (i don't go about it this way)


3) haven't successfully managed to get a score set to be created from arrange in 8. so you are one up on me.


the only way to do this at the moment is use all instruments in score editor and create a set from there.

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