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external synth?


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hey guys im new to this forum and i need help very quicky.


i have logic pro 8, micro korg synth and a novation nio audio interface along with a gerneal midi contorlloer. i need some help with setting up my synth in logic so that i have the options of using either the pre-sets sounds in logic or from my synth. im new to all this so i dont really know what im doing properly yet although ive been making music for years i have never used external synths.


so please help thanks.


p.s. so far i have connected the midi out of my korg to the midi in on my audio interface and then connected the audio interface via usb to my mac.


thanks alot.

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To get the sounds from the Korg via Logic use ans External Instrument Track.

The audio outs of your keyboard needs to go to the audio ins of your interface.

(When you create an Ext Inst,Logic automatically makes an audio track for the ins for recording/monitoring).

It's in the manual. :wink:


If you want to use the Korg as a midi keyboard you'll need to connect a midi cable from interface's out to Korg's in.

Unless the midi controller you mentioned is a keyboard controller?Unclear!

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