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Loop Browser Maintenace

Rolo Tomasi

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I'm not sure how I did it but at some point I messed up the organization of my loop browser by installing Logic 8 content twice (long story). Now what I've got are two similar files of almost everything showing up in my loop browser, green and blue loops alike. I'd like to clean it up and delete the "doubled" files. It's sort of tricky though because I'm not exactly sure where I should look to find those extra files. I don't want to delete a file folder that's not supposed to be deleted.


If I, for example, search my hard drive for "Jam Pack 1" a folder with that name shows up in three separate locations. Ideally there should be just one folder with that name in just one location right?


What I'd really like to do is to throw all my apple loops and other Logic audio content onto an external drive to free up some space on the laptop drive and access them from the loop browser that way. Good idea or bad idea?


So I guess my question is: where do I find the folder that contains, or should contain, all the loops that are in the loop browser? This way if I find the same loops anywhere else on my system I can safely delete them, knowing they are are warm and cozy in the appropriate folder.

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