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The Crystal Method remix

Mario Landeros

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The Crystal Method are having a remix competition and I've recently submitted and entry. If you'd like to hear it and vote for my entry here is the link http://www.fuzz.com/contest/remixingprotools/gallery?&page=2

Mine is the first one at the top of the page (Mario Landeros).


I believe you have to sign up to vote, but if you don't want to that's cool. I dislike having to sign up for things myself.


Even if you don't vote give me some feedback as this is something new for me. Tell me if it sucks, if it's good, it makes you shake your booty, or if this is the kind of music you'd put on while doing the hanky panky.


Thanks in advance guys/gals. You ROCK!!!




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Hey MaxwellJump, I actually did all of this in Logic Pro. The Crystal Method provide the stems as split stereo wav. files as well as the Pro Tools session. So, even if you're on Pro Tools LE or M-Powered you can still do this. The contest is open to anyone regardless of what DAW you use. If you give this one a go let us know so we can hear what you did and vote for your remix. We Logic guys/gals gotta stick together.


Big thanks to everyone who has taken the time to listen my remix and give me some feedback. I made a deliberate effort to stay away from the techno type sound I hear in a lot of remixes. I didn't set out to create a dance version of this song. I'm more of a NIN type guy. I love noise!




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So how did you get those stems to work in Logic?


Every time I try to loop them I have to add an extra beat for it to go in sync... I can not use 4-8 bar loops with there samples. That makes it hard to sync a loop from ultrabeat up to it.


Is it easier just to cut up the sounds and make your own samples out of them, I am not good at music theory but it seams they didn't use the standard 4 bar type of looping for writing this track. Or maybe Im just totally ignorant on how to do this.

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The track is 130 BPM so if you keep that tempo you should be fine.. if you want to change the tempo you should bounce the seperate tracks in Logic so logic adjust the tempo automatically when you import them back into your session!
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Really digged your submission. I did a "just-for-fun" Logic mix of this, with a "metal" edge. You'll find it here:


Next to pantomimehorse's, (Chris) mix.


As I didn't chop the tune up, I probably won't win, LOL, but that's OK as I don't need any of the prizes either. It was a handy victim to try out some new effect techniques I'm playing with though. I haven't mixed much in that genre before.


Chris can't win either as he's not a resident of the US or Canada, excluding Quebec. (What's with Quebec? Cooties?)


FYI to those thinking about submitting a mix, test your master at lower mp3 bit rates. I submitted a 320kbps file, but they definitely recomp'd it after my upload as my intro sounds totally off when I listen to the site version. Bass and upper mids suffered too. They may be converting to some Flash format, yuck.

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Thanks for checking out the remix. It was a lot of fun. Someone I know asked if I'd be interested in remixing a song of theirs and I hadn't done this kind of stuff since the days of the old EMU and Akai hardware samplers. So, I had to dust off the cob webs and lube up the remix engine.


Mariah Carey has a contest going on also which I was going to participate in, but the site that hosts the contest was down sometimes or the files wouldn't upload so I didn't bother submitting. If you want to listen to that you can go to


This more along the lines of what might end up doing for the artist that approached me. You'll notice it's a lot less noisy ;)


I liked the effect you added to the bass on your remix. It almost sounded like it had some filtering, bitcrushing and compression for pumping on it. I dig sounds like that. I agree with you about those sites that compress your song. Freakin B.S. man! I understand that they have to do that for bandwidth reasons, but it's still kind of lame.


So, who else here took a stab at this TCM remix?

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