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How to control when the song ends?


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I'm using:

Logic 8.0.2

OS X Leopard 10.5.3



The only way I know to end a song is the square slider at the top of the Arranger window. I'm working on a CD, so I'm going to want some precise timing on my endings, so they can match up or transition to the next track. Is there any way that I can snap the ending position to the end a WAV file or Audio track?

Can I input an exact Bar time or SMPTE, or choose to move the End to where the playhead is at?



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you can have overhead and do this type of thing in waveburner.

also, you can bounce with overhead, and then just set up a new project, two tracks, set the overlaps right, and then set new song markers in waveburner or bias peak pro.

either way, logic is not the software to do this... and you want overhead


also its possible to set the locator there, its one of the shortcuts "set square locaters at ..", tis a pretty accessible shortcut

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if you set cycle mode your bounce range automatically becomes the "green locators" range (thats the way i personally prefer), which you can then adjust to "tick" precision in transport bar (second "square" of transport display).

you will get the exact playhead position so you can copy the number of where you want the bounce of the song to end.

just be sure you select the left locator to the start :)

so nevermind the "box" thingy locator.. do it with "cycle" locators


and you dont have to be in "cycle" mode for the locators to become your bounce range..just use that, i think it should do it.

you can set the sqaure box to precision if you zoom to it



here you go

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Or you could mix with pre and post roll and then trim your mixes afterwards with a sample editor (like the onboard one in Logic). Avoids clicks or buffer weirdness, and allows you to zoom right in and edit on a zero crossing for a nice quiet cut. Also allows you to edit after mastering to get the end fades to be fully linear (although I guess most people on here don't do mastering as a separate process...)


Make sure you edit copies of the originals because sample editing is a destructive process.

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