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Project File Backups


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I realize when saving a project a duplicate of that session is created, and placed in a folder called project backups, and every time after that when one saves, an additional back up is created.


I have also come to the conclusion that there is a limit to the number of characters there can be in the name of a session file for the session file to back up as it should. If there are too many characters, then the session is limited to only 10 backups at a time. So, if I do a save as, its not going to create a new project backup session, its just going to cycle through the last 10 back ups.


I have been told by another Logic user that when he does a save as on a session within the same project folder, a separate back up folder is created for that new save as session. Could anybody confirm whether this is in fact true?


Thank you,


mark :)

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