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i had never tried to change a track icon before. i click and hold on the track icon, and nothing happens, it looks like a hand tool, so i may move the track, but no icon changing seems to happen. i checked and unchecked and re checked the track icon (and big icon) boxes in the configure track headers area, but to no avail. thanks for reading this...



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yep. as soon as i posted i realized there was a whole other box to open... duh. and thanks!

and i had some diff adding icons but i added a 3 digit # to the front of them, and dropped them into logic/contents/resources/images/icons. anyway thats for logic 8. and to open the "logic package", ctrl click on logic in apps. found a lot of cool icons online today!


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Regarding this them, how can i load new icons to logic?




Best regards


You store the icons under your user folder and inside Library/Application Support/Logic/Images/Icons


If the folder does not exist, just create it.

If you want to make your own icons, they are 128 x 128 pixels and should be saved in PNG format


Good luck!

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