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Routing individual tracks to different speakers/amps

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ok so I am a one man band kind of dude... mostly have been recording but now I am gonna start taking the act to local bars and small parties. Here is my question:


So I have this M-audio Firewire 410 that I run all my stuff through, its got these 10 output things in the back... this gives me the impression that I could use these to route a single track in my song to an amp (IE have a bass amp there routed to just that bass track in the song I am playing so that I can play guitar outta my amp and then maybe route a drum track to a couple speakers and then yet another for vocals)


in other words can I use those 10 out's on my firewire 410 to send individual tracks to certain speakers and how would I set that up in logic...


I get the impression that I would record the tracks and then just find a menu that lets me designate what output each track will be sent to. Sorry if its a dumb question but I am a garageband convert trying to act professional... hehe.


please help, give me some ideas on how to do this...


by the way I am too poor to buy a bunch of sound gear

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basically what I wanna be able to do is take a pre-recorded backing band of mono or stereo tracks from a project and be able to send each one to its own speaker/amp so it would look kinda like this :


firewire input 1= vocal mic sent to its own output, live sound using eq and maybe delay in logic

track 1= mono bass track pre-recorded sent to a bass amp

track 2= stereo drum track pre-recorded sent to a set of speakers I have... not the same ones as vocals


I wanna make some depth to my live sound and I have this gear laying around and ready for use....



is this possible?

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Hey litso,

This sounds like a cool way to set up a live rig. It's easy. You'll want to set up what's known as "Subs". Assign the output of your bass track, (or tracks) to Bus 1. Logic will provide you with an Aux return channel for this bus, so set the Aux output to the physical output your bass amp is connected to. You can even open I/O Labels and name the bus "Bass Amp". Name the Aux that too.


So now, any track that you assign to output to the Bass Amp bus will go to the bass amp.


Do the same for the additional tracks and outputs.

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