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I'm about to purchase an Ultralite to increase inputs-

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Now, first - I used the search function and went through a couple pages. I'm struggling to find a topic although I'm sure this has been asked before, countless times.


I have a ULN-2 at the moment but really can not stand having to switch my cords for the inputs. I have 3 synths, a couple mic's and a guitar going through a DI box.


So, I'm looking to be able to have everything going in, more channels at once.


The MOTU Ultralite is about in my price range - it seems to get pretty good reviews although admittedly in terms of clarity/sound quality its a little behind the Duet. But again, I need more inputs.


Am I missing any interfaces that may compare around the same price range? I've scoured through some music shop sites and really don't see much besides the Tascam FW-1082 (I think) and the Ensemble which I'd have to sell my car for.


Any input is appreciated.



EDIT: Or is a 828mk3 worth the extra 200$? I hate shopping.

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I've been happy overall with the Ultralite. However, when I got it home, the second pre-amp was blown. I had to ship it back, took over a month and a half - and then Steve's wanted to charge ME $90 for shipping.


Well, I lose it! Snap! "YOU want to charge ME extra? Because YOU sold ME broken crap? The ONLY thing I did wrong - in that case - was to choose YOUR store."


Holler holler, talk to his supe, and the supe's supe, make a scene, "look, you pay half, we pay half. You can walk out with your ultralite."


"Oh no!"


Well, the supe's supe's supe isn't in till Monday.


"I'll call on Monday." Eventually I must have talked to one below Steve himself, and I didn't have to pay anything. But s#!+ man. Check your gear before you walk out the store. That was bogus.

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I've decided on MOTU but now I guess I have to ask - is it worth it to get the new 828MK3 instead of the ultralite?


I just want to be able to have my 3 synths and 2 mics plugged in, and get a good sound level/quality really. I like the look and quality feel of MOTU products for the price.

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