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multi-channel, multi-timbral logic help


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hi, i'm new to the forum and have a reasonably straight forward qualm in logic pro 8.


what i am trying to do is create a multichannel instrument which is able to control different kontakt patches from within one instance of kontakt via different midi channels.


what i have tried so far is to create a software instrument channel and insert an 8x stereo out instance of kontakt. within kontakt, different drum hits (for example) are loaded in to 8 kontakt patches and each of those are set to output to separate stereo outputs and additionally receive data from their own midi channel 1-8.

In logic i can then add aux channels to the multi-instrument for each consecutive patch.

if i adjust the settings to the different midi channels on my midi keyboard it works fine with each drum hit being played out of a different channel and allowing me to apply separate effects to each hit from one kontakt plugin. However, i wish to improve my workflow further and want my keyboard to send midi data on all channels and the different aux channels to handle their own channel, so by selecting a different channel, it automatically plays the appropriate drum hit. the difficulty i am having is that although aux channels have a midi channel select they do not receive midi messages from my keyboard, only the software instrument channel does.


to work around this i experimented with a multi-timbral object which solves the midi channel problem but doesnt allow me to insert different effects, only universal ones.


the environment (which i am not too familiar with) might be the key to my problem.


any help will be greatly received

thanks in advance

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Hi Tim, welcome.

If I'm understanding correctly, you want your entire keyboard to play a different Kontakt instrument when you change the output MIDI channel of your keyboard, right?


Do you want to be able to record this MIDI or is this just for live playing?

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the difficulty i am having is that although aux channels have a midi channel select they do not receive midi messages from my keyboard, only the software instrument channel does.

Man, there is something wrong...

The Aux channels strip are not designed to receive midi music data like the Audio Instrument channel strip, though they can recieve some midi control channel strip data to control level, pan, sends faders etc...

What you need is so called Kontakt "Instrument Bank". It's one object Kontakt container, where you can drug and drop different patches from the Kontakt browser into the "Instrument Bank" program change cells.

Read the Kontakt Manual about.

So you can use one arrange track and switch the patches using program change messages. Note, there is one byte prg. difference between Kontakt and Logic, for example if the Kontakt cell is labelled as Prg 5 you need to draw Prg 4 in Logic midi region etc...

Environment scheme can be designed according your hardware setup as well. If like to use midi note pads as program change key switcher, or one drum pad to toggle between different program changes - yes, this can be done as well. Just ask, I'm sure there are lots skill guys here who can do that for you...

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sorry for my convoluted explanation guys, it seems i havn't been all that clear.


vacheto - thanks for the response but from using the single logic track it means i am able to insert fx across the whole kit and not for individual elements


fader8 - it's to be recorded as well. i am able to setup kontakt/logic so that when a different midi channel is selected from the keyboard a different kontakt patch is played. this even works when the track is recorded if the instrument track's midi channel is set to 'all' (the midi channel data from the keyboard must be written to the recorded midi notes). however, the drawback of this is that when notes are drawn into the piano roll editor they are always midi channel 1 (the kick). additionally, since it is only the main instrument track that receives the musical midi data, all my midi notes must be on that track in the arrange window.


i've attached a picture of what i have so far. the kick track is the software instrument track and the others are the additional multichannel instrument aux tracks (so individual effects can be applied). the midi notes in the kick track have been recorded from the different midi channels from the keyboard and hence trigger the different samples from within kontakt. i just want those midi notes to appear on separate tracks so they can be edited more easily.


i'm open to suggestions


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Thanks for the clarification. I'm going to tweak a template I have and post it here that should help you out. Are you doing this with a Kontakt multi, or just with a single Kontakt instrument loaded?


There's actually several ways to achieve what you want to do. But if you could answer the above, that'd be great. Is there a specific Kontakt kit you're using?

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as kit, i'm just loading in single samples predominantly

That makes it even easier!


When you create your kit in Kontakt, create a group for each sound. So if you have a kick sample, or several samples if multi-velocity, for C2, put these in their own group and name the group Kick. Do the same for your snare on D2 for example. Select the Snare group and in the Amplifier section of its group editor, change the output to #2. This will now show up on the first aux you created for Kontakt in Logic's mixer.


Keep going like this and you'll have an aux for each piece type in the kit. If you have several notes for the hat, eg open and closed, just assign both groups to the same output of Kontakt.


The attached project file shows how this can be done. It just uses the mediocre Studio A Kit. I don't like how this set was constructed as they created groups for every sample instead of grouping everything for a single note in one group. So don't do it the way NI did that one! Or you'll be assigning outputs to every vel range.


The advantage to doing this the right way is that you can now do group insert effects in Kontakt for a single drum element. Even if there are multi-velocity samples for that note.


In Logic you create your instrument channel, then create more tracks for it using the Track->Create with next MIDI Channel command. Your Kontakt instrument, in this case the Studio A Kit, should be set to Omni for the MIDI channel. Your Logic tracks should be channelized though so you can have a different icon, etc.


Name the tracks and choose icons, then sequence as normal. If you want to pan a single drum, use the pan control for that group. Leave your auxes panned center.



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fader8! thanks that will do nicely.


the only improvement i could make on that would be to have the logic effects inserts on the same channel as the midi notes rather than the separate aux channels

BUT...not to look a gift horse in the mouth


thanks a lot

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the only improvement i could make on that would be to have the logic effects inserts on the same channel as the midi notes rather than the separate aux channels


You can do that too, but I wouldn't recommend Kontakt for this. Use a separate EXS on individual instrument tracks instead. This is very efficient. You can either create a complete kit in EXS and load them all with that, (the memory is shared) or create a new EXS instrument that only contains the voice you want for that track.

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