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Arrange window Glitch - after edits in External Editor


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No big problem... Just an FYI


After Shift-W (open in External Editor - Soundtrack Pro)

I have edited (reduce noiseprint, trim front and back, etc, etc), and saved as original file name & type (so will update automatically in Logic 8)


I have noticed that the edited audio region does not update properly.


After trimming the file length in External Editor (lets say by a third - I'm not the best at precise recording - lots of lead and tail time... :oops:), the region does not shorten, it just shows a lot of silence at the end of the waveform, filling the region to the pre-edited region length.


Logic then gives an error when it encounters the end of the audio in the edited region.


If I manually shorted the Audio Region length and then expand the lenght - it does stop "lengthening" at the edited waveforms "end". So functionally it is fine and saved properly...


Just a glitch - Lets hope 8.1 solves them all. :wink:

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