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Digi Rack 002 w/ Logic problems: Cant control 002 interface.

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Ive finally gotten Logic to sound through the speakers connected to the Digi Rack 002 interface. I simply selected the output from Audio in the Logic preferences as the rack. But I cant control the Digi 002 interface physically!


I cant use the knobs and I cant listen to the music through my headphones connected to the digi 002. I cant control anything. I CAN record MIDI (although it doesnt sync with audio, but thats another topic) and I can listen to the tracks on Logic but I simply cant control the Digi Rack. I assume I can record audio through the 002 as well but I havent tried.


I uninstalled PT LE 7.3 and installed the Digi Core Audio Driver STANDALONE before instaling Logic. After some tinkering Ive got audio through my speakers connected to my Digi 002. Sorry to repeat myself so much. =)


Is there any way I can get back to recording like I did in PTLE? At the very least, I should be able to record while being able to control the volume and headset muting through the rack, right?

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