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Troubleshooting Midi in Logic 8


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I'm new to logic and midi, and I'm having trouble getting it to work.


My midi in (keyboard to computer) isn't working.


First of all, in the piano roll does green as the highlighted color on the midi out / in mean it is working? because the out is green and the in is red.


On the bottom of the screen where it shows the midi connections it says "no in", when I click on it it says "midi reset" when I click in hold "full panic". It says the same thing when nothing is plugged in at all.


The only trouble shooting thing I really know how to do is install drivers, and since that didn't work I am at a loss. I went to guitar center and the guy there showed me the setup assistant in logic 7 and said I should use that and everything would work. He didn't mention that the setup assistant wasn't in 8 (and I doubt it would have fixed it)


Let me know if you have any trouble shooting suggestions or have had a similar problem.


Thanks for any help.

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Hello Greenshorts,

The MIDI In button is only turned on (red) when you want to step record MIDI. (Usually meaning one note at a time using your mouse or computer keyboard.) So you want that to be off when you are playing a controller. The button has nothing to do with whether you are getting MIDI input or not. The best place to look is your transport bar. When you play your controller you should see the notes you are playing on the right side of the transport.


If you are not seeing any updates in the transport bar then you probably have a MacOS setup issue. If you are seeing the transport bar update but no notes are recording make sure the track that you are recording on is record enabled and that the channel you are sending MIDI data on (on your controller) matches the channel that the Logic track is receiving on. Now back to MacOS issues....


I don't there is quite enough information yet to help out, so I'm going to ask a few questions. Hopefully they will lead to what the problem is.


1) What MIDI controller are you using? Have you installed the latest drivers for it?


2) What version of MacOS are you using?


3) Is your MIDI controller listed in the Audio/MIDI setup for MacOS?


4) When you activate test setup in Audio/MIDI setup do you hear a sound when you play your controller?


This is a good start to fixing your issue. Good luck and welcome to the world of Logic! Once you have your issue ironed out you will really enjoy the program!



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