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Logic Error message is driving me insane.. Any Ideas?


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Hey, I'm a very experienced Logic user. I've used it since version 4.1.


However, Since using Logic 7.0 PRO i'm always getting the same error message on certain (random) files I record or import.



Result code: -5000

File= LogicSampleUndo1 "


(That's the error I get constantly which drives me crazy)



When I try to edit the audio in the edit window e.g. Time&Pitch or Fade in/out, gain change etc.. This drives me insane because I now have to automate everything. If there's a small glitch in a piece i;ve recorded, I'd normally go in and just apply silence to the glitch however it's becoming more and more frequent I'm getting this error.


The files I record or import are NOT locked.. The drive is NOT set to read only, The files have been recorded in my logic DAW and are NOT encoded whatsoever. There's no pattern either. It just picks and chooses what files it allows me to edit and which ones I cant. It also will not let me create a simple cross fade in the arrangement page either. Very strange. Any Ideas?


Thanks guys

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Hey, Thanks for your reply.. Could you give more detail on what you mean by repairing permissions? I've tried a few basic obvious things like changing directories on the drives, Checking the files arn't read only or locked and the mac i use doesn't have any admistrators or anything like that. It's just set up for one person. So i guess i'm the administrator by default right?


any more help would be great


Thanks again,

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you need to use disc utility located in Applications>Utilities>Disc Utility. Select the volume you would like to repair permissions on, then select the first aid tab. You will see a "repair permissions" button. It will take a couple of minutes. This should fix your issue, especially if you start to see things on disc utility's log like __________ had incorrect permissions.....permissions were changed to ___________
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