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I got Logic Pro 7 from my friend I installed it and everything.But it said I need an XS Key.I wanted to know can I purchase one or how do I fix this issue.Thanks.



For what it is worth, maybe you could think about purchasing the Logic Studio upgrade for your comp and your friend's comp and use the xs key for the upgrade.


I don't think the upgrade will go too well on a pirated version?


Here is an article on the net about the xs key replacement.


"... Over the last couple of months, I've had a spate of enquiries from readers asking about Apple's policy regarding broken, stolen or lost XS Keys. I'm not sure what's happening out there; are dongles being crushed underfoot by uncaring roadies driving Transit vans? Or are they being dropped unexpectedly into the Amazon on adventurous location recording expeditions? Whatever the reason, Logic is useless without the XS Key, so I thought I'd contact Apple and get the official low-down on what to do (and how much it will cost you) should you be so unfortunate as to suffer any of these XS Key-related problems.

First, the bad news; if you lose your XS Key outside your warranty, you'll have to pay the full cost of replacement (currently $899 or £468), or buy a new copy of Logic. If this sounds harsh, consider what would happen if you did the same with your hardware synthesiser or outboard effects unit. In these cases, you wouldn't expect a new one for free. On the plus side, though, Apple will replace lost keys under warranty for $89 (£46). I assume you'll have to persuade them first that you're not pulling a fast one!

If you 'just' break your XS Key, or it develops a fault, things are a little easier on the wallet. Under warranty, faulty keys will be replaced without charge, but if the warranty has run out, it'll only cost you the lower aforementioned fee. In this case, you have to send the old XS Key back within 10 days, or you'll be charged the full replacement cost. It's a nice touch that the same conditions apply when the XS Key is broken or damaged outside of the warranty period. I still think it's worth calling Apple if you have problems, though, as I have heard the occasional story of them of keys being replaced for just the cost of postage. But the bottom line is this: the XS Key is, effectively, Logic. Protect it with your life, and insure it in case you can't."

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