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increasing db level?

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Question: when you bounce, do you have "Normalize" selected? I've noticed that when this is selected, the mixes are much wimpier than when it is unselected.


whenever i bounce and then burn a cd, the volume is much lower than a normal disk. is there any way to increase the db level before getting a disk mastered?

i have the output channel set at zero with a limiter on it. thanks

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I've noticed that when this is selected, the mixes are much wimpier than when it is unselected.


How is that? There's no voodoo hoodoo in normalization. It is not the same thing as compression.


[quote name=Wikipedia (which is never wrong...:))]Normalization applies a constant amount of gain to the selected region of the recording to bring the highest peak to a target level, usually 98% (-0.3 dB) or 100% (0 dB).






To the original question, you ask about raising the loudness "before it is mastered." This implies that it will be mastered. If you are planning on mastering a track, you should not be overly worried about raising the loudness at the mixing stage. Keep the dynamic range... dynamic. Let the mastering engineer handle the loudness.


You say you have the limiter on... and have you learned how the parameters work? Have you tried learning how to use the adaptive limiter? Or, if you're feeling wild and crazy, try some of the factory "Mastering" channel strip settings on the main outs.


Good luck.

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i dont see a normalize button there, maybe because i have logic 7.

here is what i have...

Destination i have PCM checked, instead of MP3, AAC or Burn

Bounce mode is offline, not realtime

Format : Wave

Resolution 24 Bit

Sample Rate 44100(CD-DA)

Stereo file type: Interleaved

Surround bounce: Off

Dithering: None

Add to audio window and add to Itunes not checked.

Also, when i bounce and then burn with Toast the disc will not play in some stereos, mostly cars. when i bounce and import to itunes and burn its fine????

i just have the limiter set at 0 because there were a few small peaks here and there. i do not plan to get this one mastered, thats why i ask.

not sure about adaptive limiter or mastering channel stipr, ill play around.


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I didn't use LP7, but I have a feeling the normalize on bounce is a new feature in 8. (And I have no idea if the factory master channel strips existed in 7 either. Sorry.)


Conveniently, "Adaptive Limiter" is the first item in the index of the Instruments and Effects Manual. ;)

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actually the adaptive limit looks like it can do what i want.

any standards for settings? i remember in an older studio the guy said he increased db to 1.



As a starting point, use any of the default presets and modify those along the way. This is really a mastering issue, it's the issue of brick-wall limiting versus how it sounds, if the whole output looks like a brick, it sounds like a brick. If it has more dips and peaks, it's more natural but then again it does not sound as loud as the majority of brick-walled material out there just now.


Looking at the output in Logic's audio editor, especially the waveforms, is a good habit, that in combination to listening to the output.

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I'd concentrate on making your mix 'sound' as good as possible.


Don't worry about the level if you're going to a professional (and I emphasize PROFESSIONAL) mastering engineer.


Just turn the volume up, and concentrate on your mix. I've found this takes more time, but always sounds better in the end.

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