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How can I match full songs to the project tempo?


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I'm pretty confused at the moment - I've been trying to beatmatch two songs, and am not having much luck.


I have two separate project files, each containg one of the two songs I want to beat match. I've done through both of the songs, matched the project tempos to their BPM, and gone through manual beat mapping in the "configure global tracks".


Now what I want to do is take one of the two songs I have beat mapped, and move it to the other project (the two projects are at slightly different BPMs) so that it snaps onto the other project's grid (leaving the two songs beat matched).


I've had no problem dropping apple loops (of varying BPM) onto either of the tracks - they seem to adjust their lengths automatically. I don't really understand why my songs won't do the same thing, since I went through and beat mapped both of them. I even tried exporting them as apple loops, which didn't seem to make any difference.


I guess I could even rephrase this question to ask "why are songs I beat map and save as apple loops not snapping to my project tempo when I add them in?"


Please let me know if I'm being unclear as to what I'm asking.


In the user manual, it says "Files copied between two projects retain the ability to follow the project tempo", so I'm pretty sure that this isn't impossible.


If you have any insight on how to fix this, I would really appreciate it.



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Never mind - I figured it out.


I was converting to apple loops, but the loops I was recording weren't following the new project tempo because I saved them as one-shots as opposed to actual loops (in the convert to apple loops) menu. If you record them as loops, they give you the option when you drag them in to the project to snap them to your current tempo grid.


Thanks anyway

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