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some modifier keys wont work


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I have been using Logic 7 for about 3-4 years, never had this problem.

Just moved to another country, so I bought a Mac G5 dual 2.7(OS 10.5.4) and installed my Logic 7, updated to 7.0.1 and opened a session I have to work in right away.


So, keys shift and option dont seem to work in logic, outside logic they are fine, but inside, whenever I try to use them as modifiers, they just act as if Im not pressing anything. I checked the key command window(which option-k didnt opened by the way) and in there, they wouldnt work neither.


Maybe is an OS issue(I was working on 10.4.something on my past g5), anybody any ideas please? Or how can I update logic since I cant seem to find the update packages anymore. By the way, dont know if I want to go with logic8 yet.



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