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Which is a good controller

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What do you want to control?

In orther words...


How do you intend to use the controller?


What I mean is...


Do you like turning knobs?




Do you want to fool around with faders?




Do you want to play with pads?





In any event, once you figure out what it is you want to do with a controller and how much you want to spend, simply browse through on of the online music stores and see what is available.

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I was very stoked about the akai mpk49 and bought it on release, but unfourtenly i had to return it. It's pads are _VERY_ weak, which is absolutley ridiculous for an akai product.


Since this is your first time buying a controller you should try something low priced and learn how to maximize it's function to do everything you need. So many people start with buying a 800 buck controller and only use a tenth of it's functions. With midi learn et al, everything is possible.


I'd advice you to buy something like Novation nocturn, a low priced but awesome knob controller or maybe try out the new Nano line Korg is releasing soon. Or ofcourse, Akai's MPD line that everyone swears invalidates the use of a real mpc.


If you want one with intergrated midi keyboard you should check out Novations SL line since it's definently jam-packed for the buck. Alot of people swear on Edirols PCR line or M-Audio keyboards but it sounds like the CME UF line would fit you perfectly, so it's all up to you, go to a store and try 'em all out.


There's alot of options and i've used alot of them since controllers are cruical in what i do. I went into it with the mindset that "a midi controller is a midi controller", but really, there's a huge different between them. And yes, i realize that I mentioned novation twice, but there's million of options and i'm jus

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