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making tempo changes to recorded audio


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hi guys,


i've been interested for some time to make subtle changes in songs, like 2-4 bpm upwards for choruses and pulling it back for the melancholic sections, just to create a sort of push-pull effect.


the only way i've been able to do this however is to record each section that has a different tempo individually, and then merge them all from there... i was just wondering whether it is possible to make tempo changes to audio that has been recorded at a fixed tempo? i tried doing this, using the global tempo track, and checked the box that said "follow tempo changes", but the results were not usable at all... i am new to recording, and have only done it using DAW software like logic.


and i was wondering, in actual studios, do they record each part separately as well? (in the case of tempo change)

or are they able to use tempo as a tool at the end of recording a song at one global tempo? i remember an interview with sir george martin where he said, "we don't have a click track for a heart", which basically is what inspires me to tread this path.


apologies if the questions are silly, and for the long post. i am using logic express with a macbook by the way.


and my sincere thanks to david nahmani, i wouldn't have been able to get up and walk so quickly if not for your wonderful book.



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