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which meter is telling the truth ?


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the output level on the out 1/2 channel strip doesn't read the same

as any meter plug i throw on the strip.


what's the deal, which meter do i believe ?


the uotput channel strip reads about .4 less than L8's own multimeter



same for 3rd party meters ( peak reveal , sonalksis free-g etc. )


i'm placing the meter last in the plug chain of course.


i want the final out to be the standard -.3db , but with a .4 variance

between meters has me scratching my head.


L8.02 .....OSX 10.5.4

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Metering is always doing some kind of sampling and averaging, with different time windows, frequency bands, etc.


So I would expect some discrepancy between meters -- in addition to obvious differences like peak vs RMS, left/right/left+right sum, etc.

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which begs the question.........why isn't there a meter on the master, if that is in fact the final summing adjustment ?


Because it's not an audio channel, and no audio is flowing through it. It simply adjusts the output fader as if you were adjusting the output fader yourself.


The purpose of this is in surround, where you one want fader to adjust *all* output channels together. This is the point of the master fader.


For normal stereo mixing, the master fader is pointless, irrelevant, and you should leave it at zero and forget about it.

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