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Very easy notation problem- please help!


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This is my first time on this forum, and my first time using Logic, so hello all!


This is the first time I've used a pro level music program and I'm doing ok, but I have a problem with notation values.


When I create a series of notes for a virtual instrument, if I go into the score tab I can change the note pitch easily with the keyboard shortcuts, but for some reason I can't work out how to change the note time value and its driving me crazy. The manual says I can use the Nudge Region/Event key command. But when I assigned keys for this control, even after I select the note I want to change, using this command does nothing.


The manual says the other way of changing the time value is to edit the length parameter in the event parameter box, and that this will be shown as bars, beats and ticks. Is it talking about Event tab under the 'lists' icon at the top right of the interface? Because if I go on this, I can see a list of the notes(I hear the tone when I click on the entries), but its all numerical and text values and I can't figure out how to actually change the time value (or what to type in order to change it).


Can anyone help me please? This is probably as easy as pie for some people out there so be nice please :)

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ok, i'll be nice!


you probably ARE changing the time value, but cannot see the change because display quantization is active. this is a feature that tries to make sense out of played in midi notes, so you don't have strange rests and funny lengths and ties everywhere because your performance isn't what a computer would call 'accurate'.


simply switch off this function in the top LH corner of paramters in the score window and try your KC's and see if you don't see a difference.

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