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volume loss when i bounce to itunes


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my output meter maxes at -0.3db during playback

but when i bounce aac to i-tunes, when i "get info"

it says the files volume is -14.8db.


i did not normalize, i've read on this forum that normalizing

isn't necessary.


but why the drop in volume


out 1/2 is set to 0.0db

master is set at 0.0db


most of the song ranges between -5db and -1db and peaks

occasionaly at -0.3, why does i-tunes say its minus 14.8db ( -14.8db )


this my 1st finished song ever and i would like to get it up to

TUNECORE/i-tunes. but i'd like to send it full throttle without normalizing.


any clues ?

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it says the files volume is -14.8db.


Is it possible that that value represents RMS?? I'm not sure where you are getting the 'get info' db rating either ... I was just looking through itunes, and I couldn't find anything like that (unless it's an aac thing ... all my stuff is mp3).


I've read here before that it's better to bounce a wav. inside logic and then import to itunes and convert there. I haven't tried it though ... I'm generally pretty happy with the mp3's that I've made with logic (pretty much all rough mixes) so far.

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hey triple-m


thanx for the response.


if you right click any song in an i-tunes playlist you will get a

dropdown of options, one of which is "get info"


thats where it tells all kind of stuff, filetype,volume,bitdepth,samplerate

bandname,author,composer ..etc.


you are probably right though, its probably giving me rms as opposed to peak,

that would explain it.

cuz you're right, it sounds fine.



check that info option if you would, and see if yours post at lower dbs.

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am I blind?? .... I just don't see it ....


see attatchment


I looked through all the tabs too. BTW, I figured you were looking in there, but I usually use the keycommand to access that screen (cmd i).


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I've noticed a difference in audible volume when playing a file through iTunes and through say Quicktime, with the iTunes always being substantially quieter. In my case it might be some setting in there that makes playback of files with different volumes play roughly the same, could be for you too....
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maybe this is a itimes 7.7 thing?? .... I checked a aac file and a wav file as well .... maybe I am blind


if i knew how to post a screenshot, i'd show you.


but its missing in yours.


on mine its right underneath "last played"


all mine are aac/mp4, maybe its just something for aac files.


oh well, thanx for checkin' it out , anyway.

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weird ... I'm running itunes 7.7 so that's not it (my wife installed it without me knowing). I tried aac, and I still don't get it. I looked through the preferences and I don't see an option that would enable that (I didn't try using soundcheck preference since it didn't seem to work too well ... it seemed to lower the volumes of a lot of tracks, rather than bring others up) .... hmm I just tried soundcheck and it's 'determining the volume of all the songs in my library.



In my experience soundcheck just makes things worse (it's supposed to make all the songs playback at the same level). So this setting could be telling you that the volume setting for playback of your individual song is -14.8db. At least that would make sense to me since your getting a volume drop.


Anyways turn soundcheck off IMO.


to add an attatchment, take a screenshot (CMD + SHIFT + 4 and select the area of your screen) ... it will save the pic to your desktop. Then click the 'add attatchment' button on the page where you type your post (just abiove and to the left of the submit button), choose your file and that's it. Pretty easy.

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