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MPC through interface to Logic

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What's up? my first entry.

I have been using mpc-forums for a while, but since I got a new interface (M-Audio Firewire 410) a new laptop (Macbook) I thought I'd try Logic, since I heard that's what runs best on Macs.


My problem is the whole setup. I've tried to sync the MPC 2000XL by using MIDI-cables through the Interface to the Mac, and so far I haven't got sound in my earphones (I am currently using headphones while awaiting my monitors) when playing on the MPC, but I have been able to record it on Logic but there is no sound when I play it.


If there is somebody that has a clue about what is wrong, please let me know. I've been tearing my hear of my skull because of this, so please don't make me go bold!!!

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I guess I could write this in Norwegian, but for those others...


What exactly are you trying to achieve? Do you want your MPC to act as a controller for Logic and other software instruments? Maybe you want to use Logic to program your beats, but use the MPC as the sound module? Or perhaps you program all your beats on the MPC, and then want to transfer them to Logic in the most sensible way?


Well, all of this is possible and not too hard. Let me know what you are after, and I will do my best to help you.


I am on Logic 7, synced up to an MPC3000.




Poppa Lars

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