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Pro Native Setup running sluggish....?


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Hi there


Running Mac Pro 2.5 Ghz Quad with 12 gig ram on OSX 10.4.11 with Apogee AD and DA16x's for 32in and 64 out.....


Also Running Software such as NI Konplete/Vienna Instruments/Albino/Logic Instruments...Logic version 8.0.2...


Plugs in we are using 2 TC powercore firewire and Waves Native Gold bundle...


all this is goin to a console and sync'd over midi....


The problem is the system is behaving very poorly considering the power of the setup...


The Sessions are only running a few software instruments and plug ins -


1 instance of Akoustik piano/1 instance Battery Multi out/1 Instance Kontakt/2 Instances FM8/ a couple exs 24's and occasional use of 1 Vienna instruments....


The system plays however there are few issues including...


-Spinning wheel seems to come up with spinning wheel intermittenly for no

apparent reason?


-Stop and rewind and fast forward intermittently sluggish....


-The system is just generally not FEELING STABLE...


ANY THOUGHTS FOR OPTIMIZING THIS SYSTEM or Weeding out variables gratefully appreciated.....


Thanks in advance



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It may be your OS afaik. Some people reported crappy results with 10.4.x and logic 8.0.x combo.


is it time to move to leopard?


i have had this issue before with a protools rig and logic with a bad os compatibilty issue so your comment feels valid!


anyone else have any alternative suggestions? (hope!)

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Since you're running powercore you should also check their suggested settings for buffer size etc. Also note that many users reported issues with VSL plugs compatibility.


I assume that you already turned off file indexing in osx (never done that before, but i heard that helps to get better performance from the os).


What I can say, from my personal experience is that my mate had the same behavior with leopard and logic 7.2 on an intel iMac 2.4, so it may be an os related issue anyway.

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Thanks for responses..


not running airport - over ethernet when required...


printing to audio is deffo the main option here...


powercore is ok - stable as far as powercore is concerned - problem is there are loads of variables - logic unexpectedly crashed mid vocal session!!!!


not kool!

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