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New to Logic, new to the board


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Hi everyone.


I'm John and I'm both new to Logic (Pro v8 in my case) and new to this board. I've joined because I know I will have lots of questions to ask once I start on my Big Project.


I've spent the past few months building up the bits and bobs I need to get started - biggest of which was a new iMac 24" 2.8GHz with a big hard drive and maxed memory - and in the next month or so I plan to start writing and recording my Big Project.


I'm quite excited about the possibilities, but have found Logic 8 to be a bit daunting - is there a really quick and easy to understand tutorial on the web that I could work through which will explain some of the less obvious bits?


I'm also interested in finding out more about how I can use Logic (or other software) in the songwriting process - as much to structure ideas as to record and orchestrate. I play a bit of guitar, bass and drums, but little keyboard and I can't sing. So I might have to call in some favours or look for kindred souls to chip-in where necessary once the Big Project begins...


My equipment is modest: the iMac, a Sonus Firebox (with 4 inputs), an MAudio Ozone keyboard, an older Roland XP10 synth, sE 2200A condensers, a drumkit, a bass, a few guitars. Oh, and a charango from Peru.


Part of the fun is going to be setting this lot up to work with Logic - I've hardly had a chance to delve into Logic at all, but would be interested in finding out:


(1) Do I need to install anything to get the Firebox to work seamlessly within Logic?


(2) Same question for the Ozone keyboard (which has lots of knobs which I'd like to be able to assign to do different things)


(3) Are there any essential freebie add-ins that I can add to Logic to make my life easier or to make new things possible? My budget is already blown so no more expenditure for a while, sadly.


OK, that'll do - hope to be able to learn from you guys and gals...


John (from Scotland)

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Hi John

I would type in sflogicninja in google to see where that takes you for tutorials, also David's book Logic Pro 8 and Logic Express is excellent, you can get it from Amazon, as for the rest of it yes it is a little daunting at first, but youll be making tunes in no time with a little patience and perseverance, i myself have a very modest setup but i am churning out some decent quality stuff, things i could of only dreamed of producing even 6 months ago, this forum is also extremely helpful, i would advise putting your setup, os version, hardware software etc etc at the signature of your profile settings, this will help you get questions answered more quickly.


Good Luck

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Hey JTC, welcome to Logic, and this forum. As you will soon find out, this is one of the best places to pick up logic knowledge, as some of the members here are pure genius. The #1 tip I can recommend to a nooB is to save multiple versions of the track you are working on. A new version for any significant change or progress, so you have "Big Project", "Big Project 1.1" etc... then onto "Big Project 2.0" for any major changes. This way you can always go back to a previous version to make sure your going in the right diretion, or revert to the original if you ever feel like your project is FUBAR.
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