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Inputs and Outputs for Logic


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Hi folks.


I'm new to Logic and running it on an iMac 2.8. I'm also using a Sonus Firebox external firewire audio interface. This has a number of inputs and outputs, which obviously I want to use in Logic. I also run other things on this iMac, such as Skype, which I would like to use the internal mic and speakers on the Mac.


Is there a way to set it to force audio I/O to the Firebox for Logic and route everything else to the the internal Mic and speakers on the iMac? As far as I can see right now, I have to keep switching the I/O depending on what application I want to use.


I reckon what I'm really asking is to be able to assign audio preferences on a per-application basis - but can't find out a way to do this.


Surely this must be a fairly common wish? Any suggestions?





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I'm not sure about this, and I'm not close to my setup right now, but I think that is how I have it working. I simply go to System Preferences/Sound, and choose the built-in speakers and mic as the default, and in Logic, I select the interface to be the default for Logic. This way, everything, except Logic will have its sound running through the built-in.

But again, I'm not sure... So, please, anyone to give the thumbs up... or down :D

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