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Logic audio bin bleeding into Mainstage


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I have my backing tracks set up in LOGIC's audio Bin and the click track is panned Hard left. Using ONLY Logic, there is no bleed over into the main P.A. system.


I have been using Main Stage for the Vocals and guitar sounds, and there hasn't been a problem so far. However, Last night I suddenly noticed that the click track is playing in Mainstage input 2.


How is it possible that Logic is even bleeding into Mainstage?


Anyway, I am playing out tonight so I have little time to figure this one out. I may need to switch to my 8 channel interface.



I changed from my Tascam US-122 interface to my Presonus 8 channel interface.


I have my vocals set up on input 1 and I moved my guitar input (from input2) to input 7 on the presonus in Mainstage.


Using the US-122 interface:


My backing track has the click track on the left side of stereo, and the music set on center. It plays back from the Logic audio bin. There is no bleed over and all is well.


Using Mainstage along with the backing tracks, I am suddenly getting the left side clicktrack from the audio bin playing thru to Mainstage input 2.


Having Logic play back thru Mainstage makes no sense and causes problems especially if a 2channel interface use being used. So for now, I will suspect the US 122 is faulty.

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