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Hybrid mixing and latency?

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Hi guys!


I've been getting in to mixing hybrid lately and was just hoping people with more experience with that could share and help...


So I'm using the I/O plug to insert hardware compressors and eq's on strips in Logic and I'm experiencing a bit of latency and phasing. How do you guys deal with it any trix?


I have delay comp on all tracks, rec comp delay at defaulit(0ms).



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You should try Latency Fixer. Its a plug in that will allow you to compensate for the latency that happens when you go out of your DAW then back in when you use hardware processors.


You can insert it in your plugin chain, and it will let you move the audio 'ahead' in time.


Logic's latency compensation can't adjust the i/o plugin because it has no way to know how long it takes to get through your audio hardware and external processors. Latency Fixer allows you to tell Logic how long it takes.

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In addition to shipjumper's advice, I posted a project file in this thread:



. . . that makes it easy to "ping" your external effect path and measure the delay in samples. Takes any guesswork out of the process.


There's also a commercial product for this:



. . . if you feel the need to "ping" a lot!

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I just wrote about this here:



I refuse to accept that we have to resolve to little third party solutions and I'm extremely puzzled that this doesn't seem to be of higher priority at Apple's.


Why oh why isn't at the very least that little delay feature included in the I/O plugin??? Apparently it's not that difficult to make for others and have it work in Logic.


With regard to the Latency Fixer the problem still remains in Logic!! And furthermore you have to stop-adjust-start, stop-adjust-start over and over and over and...


Routing all channels to Aux 1 with a sample delay inserted with your systems latency time dialed in, then routing all channels that need dry hardware fx inserted to their individual busses with those inserts and automatically passed on to their dedicated Aux channels, and then finally inserting wet hardware fx on separat Aux channels crates a scenario where you will then simply mix on the Aux channels.


However, Apple seem to want to get rid of the busses some time soon so that method is probably going out of style fast.


How about Apple just get it all sorted out like Steinberg has for some time now, instead of leaving it up to the user to figure out how to work around it??


It's music! Timing is everything!

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