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MIDI problem with Logic Studio and RME FF400


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Hi there


I have one FF400 connected to a Mac G5 2.3 dual core,using Logic Studio 8 as sequencer.

I connected to the MIDI port 1 > Korg dw 8000 (master) > Kenton midi converter connected to a Juno 60 (via midi trhu of the Kenton box)...

In the MIDI port 2 i connected an old Oberheim OB8 with midi.

Well...When i start to record in Logic 8,everything is workin fine with the midi port 1...Logic record the midi notes file and the audio come out

by the synth connected to the midi port 1 in playback mode!!


If i try to do the same with the Oberheim connected to the Midi port 2,Logic record the midi notes files but no audio is coming out by the Oberheim

in playback mode!!


i cannot fix whta the problem is...if it's in Logic settings or in the RMe..


I'm getting very bored about


please help me

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