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BFD2 time signature and Logic's screensets


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Hey all.


I did searches but could not find anything on this. If anyone has an idea on what I can do, here is my problem.


I need to change the time signature on the BFD2 GUI. I double click it and the numbers get highlighted, but I press a number to enter it, whooosh! I'm off to that screenset.


Any way around this? I'm assuming it's because the GUI opens in a floating window, but there must be a way for Logic not to hear the keys I'm pressing when I'm in an instrument's field. Or isn't there??? :shock:



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Thanks, Chico, I'd rather keep my screensets to the number keys, as it just makes things easier for my projects.


But I did discover one thing, which wasn't wholly clear in the BFD2 manual, which is that there is a disclosure triangle at the bottom right-hand side of the GUI, that opens up the Groove & Bundle Inspectors panel and in that area it is relatively easy to change the time signature. You can't type it in for Logic changing screensets, but you can click the value up and down.


Sorry for the bother. Hope it helps someone else who may have this issue in the future.

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