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Sample Editor slow, have editing issues-what am I missing?!


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Okay, here's my situation, hopefully I am just not realizing something key. I am trying to take some audio files and export small parts from them as wav file loops, and I need all of the loops to start on Beat 1. Sometimes, there will be a fill that happens just before the start point of the loops, and I want to cut the fill and paste it over the end of the loop. This way I can have the fill at the end of the loop instead of whatever was originally there. Pretty simple. I have several ways of doing this: Inside Logic's arrange window, inside Logic's sample editor, inside Soundtrack pro, or inside Pro Tools that's on a computer I don't use.


Using the arrange window doesn't work very well. The waveform view is weird and there doesn't seem to be a simple way to edit audio very precisely and conveniently, and I also wasn't able to figure out how to export a region selection as a wav file without having to bounce it.


Using the sample editor seems like the best choice, I like working with it and the way it edits (reminds me of Pro Tools in a good way), except every time I cut and paste, it takes a long time to move the samples around, like it can't do this non destructively. There are so many "samples to move" and "creating overview" and "updating overview" type of dialogs that take forever to process.


I tried using Soundtrack pro and it edits like a dream. The cut and paste is instant and works great, and I like the general flow of selecting start and end points. But I can not figure out for the life of me (I read quite a bit of the manual) how to make a selection in Soundtrack Pro and export that selection as a wav file as I would in Logic's sample editor using "Audio File->Save Selection As..." If I could just do that, that would reasonably solve things for me.


My final option would be to return to the dreaded Pro Tools LE 5 that I have on an old computer. It would take forever to deal with this option and be a pain in the ass. I used to use Pro Tools, and while I'd never go back because most of what I do now is MIDI sequencing, the audio editing was great. Someone please tell me that I can somehow do what I used to do in pro tools. All audio could be edited in the arrange area in the same way that Logic's Sample editor works, and you could cut and paste audio instantly and very precisely and snap it to to the closest region, etc.


Logic has ultimately left me feeling like I have to abandon audio on some level. Verion 8 has been a great improvement, especially with sample accurate editing in the arrange window, but I still never want to edit in the arrange window because of the way the regions seems to behave. Though their behavior is great for MIDI files and pre-edited audio loops. Thanks for reading though all of this, any help is SERIOUSLY appreciated, even direction to a different forum that might help.

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