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'all controllers request' sysex from Logic to Nord Lead


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Hello everyone.


I'm fairly new to using Logics Environment and am an absolute novice when it comes to Sysex. Hopefully someone can help as I feel that I'm almost there but not doing something quite right!


Basically I'd like to send an 'All Controllers Request' sysex message from Logic 8 to my Nord Lead 1 at the start of the song, so that Logic has all of the Nord's settings recorded whenever I go back to the start. Currently if I open a filter on my main synth hook halfway through for instance, this remains open when I go back to the start which is a total pain.


So I read up on Sysex in the manual, created a fader in the Environment and output it to sysex, cabled this into my Nord multi-instrument, created a new sysex event and typed in the 'ACR' sysex values from the Nord manual, starting with the first value top left on the sysex creation screen, then going along to the right until I have to go down to the next line (sorry, if I knew how to screengrab from my mac I would have put one up here... much easier than trying to explain!)


Now I have my sysex values in my fader I go to the start of my track, select the relevant channel in my sequencer, record and move my sysex fader from 127 down to 0. This, I am assuming records each of the Nord's parameters so my song has them all set correctly at the start. However, when I play my song back, the Nord track I've tried to do an 'ACR' on has completely changed in sound... when I go into Hyper Draw for the new region created, some of the parameters have new automation (one straight line of automation with a few spikes) and some have none.


I'm sure I'm doing something really stupid here, but because this is new to me I really can't work it out.


Can anyone help??




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