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just want to shure of "all track export


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what is supposed to be taken care of when you export all track.

Plugins / Fxsends / automation / mix /midi to audio...

What is the best way to export all your tracks with most of your producing work , all in one shot. Do you bounce 70 tracks one by one for your 12 song album to your mix guy ? to much time.


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Well, I guess if you are sending tracks for mixing in another studio and on another DAW, you should send them without any effects.



You'll have to bounce each track for each song from the very top of the session - Bar 1 1 1 1 - if you want to make sure everything will be in sync.


Take note of the songs tempos (and tempo/signature changes if there are some) and send them over to the guy.


Name the bounces accordingly, be organized and have fun.


If it's just audio you could try using OMF.


And always record in Broadcast Wave file type.

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